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I'm Virginia Coleman-Prisco, Ed.D..  Professionally, I am a Visiting Professor of Critical Inquiry and Junior Seminar at Mercy College in NY.  I love my job- I am able to instruct undergraduate students both in person and online, while collaborating with colleagues on undergraduate education initiative such as Open Educational Resources and e-Portfolios. 

I completed the Doctor of Education program at Northeastern University in December 2016. My doctoral research project focuses on the innovation and adoption process with creating, using, and distributing Open Educational Resources.


The EdD explores the relationship between effective educational leadership and the ways that curriculum and teaching can enhance learning opportunities for students across their lifespan. This concentration focuses on preparing transformational leaders who recognize the importance of providing quality educational experiences for all learners.


I was also accepted as a Research Fellow for 2016 & 2017 with the Open Education Group sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. I presented my research findings at the 13th Annual Open Education Conference in Richmond, VA in November 2016 and will also present the findings at the OER17: The Politics of Open Conference in London, UK in April 2017.


I believe education & learning are very important throughout our entire lives. I perceive that learning does not only occur in the classroom, which is why I urge my students to reflect on times when they have learned important lessons either inside or outside the classroom.   This is why I volunteer on my son's school PTO, serve as a Cub Scout Den Leader, serve on my town's Library Associates committee, and continue on with my own personal formal education.

I live in Norfolk, CT- a tiny town in NW Connecticut known as the "Ice Box".  We get more ice and snow here because of our high elevation. The Southern Berkshires are gorgeous all year long though.   The cover photo for this e-portfolio was taken at Tobey Pond, Norfolk's hidden gem. 

Personally, I love to hike, swim, and play trivia.   I also love to travel and take risks. Risk and change are important in life. I believe that we can't go forward and learn without them.  I always encourage my students to try new things, even if they aren't successful the first time.  Learning can happen anytime, it is not limited to inside a classroom or textbook.

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. 

-Virginia Coleman-Prisco, Ed.D.




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