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Forthcoming October 15, 2018; to purchase in advance, click here: Dinomania.

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Dinomania. Perché amiamo, temiamo e siamo incantati dai dinosauri

(Mondodori/Odoya, 2019)

Italian translation of Dinomania





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"Lizard (2017) and Dinomania (2018) present author/researcher Boria Sax at his multidisciplinary best: mixing and relating biology, botany, paleontology, anthropology, biography, history, mythology, art history, popular culture and more, into coherent wholes. The skillful way he interweaves these various themes reminds this reviewer of the pictures and models of DNA strands as the complexity of the finished product emerges."

Shelby Shapiro, The Independent Scholar, vol. 7 (spring 2020).


"Each of the chapters that make up Dinomania have been well researched and are complied with a very comfortable use of language, allowing this intricate and vast work to have very broad appeal. Sax looks at areas such as How Dragons Became Dinosaurs in which many questions are posed and many answers discovered...  Boria Sax concludes this collection of scientific fact and cultural trends with a lovely philosophical chapter rounding out a wonderful journey through history, fantasy, fact, fiction and literature courtesy of the Dinosaur that, although extinct is still very much a part of modern, everyday life." Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews, FEBRUARY 22, 2019,


"I strongly recommend Sax’s book for anyone interested in this topic and imagine that if this is your first dive into the subject of dinosaur sociology you’ll probably find the whole thing fascinating from start to finish."

Man Creates Dinosaurs


"...a  fascinating look at a curious subject. It ties many aspects of society together by looking at them from a new angle. Unlike most cultural histories, however, it’s got dinosaurs in it." Fortean Times 


"In this wide-reaching social history of the dinosaur-human relationship, Sax brings the story up to the present by highlighting contemporary museum exhibits, amusement parks, genre fiction, movies, and toys. With many historical illustrations, Dinomania is an entertaining addition to literature on popular science, pop culture, and public opinions." Booklist 


"The book is fascinating and well worth owning. The text is interesting and informative, and the pictures (all 128) add huge amounts to what is said." The Geoscientist


"‘In this erudite, wide-ranging and engaged work, Boria Sax explores the cultural flesh that has been wrapped around the fossilized bones of these iconic creatures. He asks, 'What is a dinosaur?' and shows that the answer is not merely a scientific one but is intimately linked to wider cultural trends and concerns. Extinct they might be, but Sax reveals how dinosaurs live on among us." Garry Marvin, Professor of Human–Animal Studies, University of Roehampton, London, and author of Wolf 


"These philosophical musings then lead Sax to conclude with a series of provoking thought experiments, such as "what if the dinosaur had not become extinct..." Ultimately the book asks us to reflect not only on how our ancestors viewed the subject of the dinosaur but also on how we view it. By reflecting on the subject in this way, I suspect the author is trying to lead us to obtain for ourselves a morsel of self=knowledge." Robin Carlile, Magnolia Review, Feb. 2, 2019


". ... rewarding for its unique and provocative take on more recent dinosaur enthusiasm." Choice, April 2019

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