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Debate: McLuhan


  • In 2 groups you are assigned a debate topic in which you have 20 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to debate.
  • Which is the dominant technology of our day - television or the internet?
  • You must answer 3 questions and use 7 out of the 8 keywords and phrases provided below - 
  • Question 1: Which sense perception(s) are used in this medium?
  • Question 2: Which sense perceptions are not?
  • How might it structure our social reality?
  • Keywords and phrases (7 of 8):


  1. Symbolic environment
  2. Sense perception
  3. Electronic age
  4. Print age
  5. Proximity
  6. The global village
  7. Re-tribalization of the human race
  8. The central nervous system


  • I will pick two moderators, in addition to myself. The winner (all members of the group) of the debate will receive 2 points on the final exam.
  • Guidelines for winning - using the keywords and phrases appropriately, arguing for your point of view convincingly, providing examples/demonstrations, and using quotes from the Griffin book.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.