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  Learning from media, there are so many ideas that go out into the media which is sometimes good cause if you want to go out and see if it’s not raining we usually put on the TV and watch the news to see if it is rain or not, or to look up what’s going on around your neighborhood. Media sends out so much idea that it sometimes carpet our mind and our ideas.  


In chapter 2 of “The Information”, Walter Ong predicted a new age of “orality” before it’s time (radio, telephone, and television). The written word is the mechanism by which we know what we know but Plato detracts by saying it could harm us. Words leave traces behind us like breadcrumbs: memories in symbols for others to follow. The Chinese writing system is the largest set of symbols. 


We discussed that in the 1880’s, the only source of communication were letters that were carried from point to point-35 per miles/hour by train. People became dependent on it. Information was a material entity. In the mid 1880’s, the country was wired by the telegraph and electricity. This change the nature of communication. 

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.