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My name is Najja Symone Beaulieu-Hains


I am full-time student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies: Journalism.  I am also a dedicated, part-time student at the Tabernacle Bible Institute.


I have an enormous imagination and I have dedicated my life to making all my dreams a reality.


Not only am I a dreamer, but I love to sing.  I am an active member of the music department of H.E.L.P. Ministries, which is a Christian ministry on the Mercy College Campus. 


I love to write. 

I write music, poetry and in January of 2012 I began writing a book.  I spend a lot of time journaling and writing blogs based on the love of God and simply, life experience. 


I am a firm believer that everyone has a story, I’m just not afraid to tell mine.  One of my greatest dreams in life is to travel the world, produce documentaries and coordinate out-reach programs purposed to encourage fearlessness, shamelessness and Love. 


How can we live a fulfilled life without admitting to the reality of our flaws, pains, fears and mistakes?  We must grasp the belief that we’ll live past them.


My name is Najja Symone and I'm an Author, Singer & Activist.

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