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Although we've already spoken about me, here are some more fun facts to summarize everything that I already went over and a couple things I didn't get the chance to mention! Just to make things a little easier for everyone to understand.


I am an oral bacteria that is found is pretty much everyone's mouth that makes up 30-60% of bacteria in your mouth and I am considered to be the main causative agent for dental caries (cavities in your teeth), and tooth decay.


I am an opportunistic organism, meaning I can take over and cause problems when a persons oral hygiene is being jeopardized.


I am able to adapt quickly to almost any oral environment, whether it has a drastic temperature change, lots of moisture in the environment and even a high pH change.


To be able to balance a drastic pH change, I have the ability to produce large amounts of acid is a very short amount of time.


Once I am all cozy and attached, I can ferment that sucrose into lactic acid.


When there is sucrose available, I am able to produce these capsules which aid me in binding to tooth enamel very well.


My genome is composed of about 1900 different genes, and 200 of those genes are special and unique to my species.


The cavities I cause can spread! I am infectious and transmittable, therefore I can cause cavities in one persons mouth and then jump on over to someone else's mouth and cause a cavity for them too.


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